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What achievements?

03 September 2014

Dear Editor – Soon the ninth parliament will dissolve and the nation will go to the polls again to elect our new parliamentarians.

Before we go to the polls, it’s good to look back and assess the performances of our MPs and their achievements in the last 4 years.

First, parliament debate participation. Three quarters of the current MPs have no microphone therefore hardly talk.

This alone defeats the whole purpose of having a parliament. If MPs cannot talk during debates then there is no point of re-electing them.

Secondly, MPs’ ability to analyse bills. Many do have the ability to read and understand bills therefore started to pass laws unnecessarily.

Bills once passed become laws therefore should be well understood by MPs before passing them.

Thirdly, there has been a lot of ground breaking for Constituency growth centres in the last 4 years. Where are the growth centres?

Funds,9th parliament MPS are the richest in our political history. They have access to more funds than any other MPs in the past.

The question is whether the ordinary people are benefiting from these funds. Currently the social services in the rural areas are very poor and life continues to be very tough.

Funds are accessed in the name of the rural people yet they receive nothing.

MPs continue to enjoy overseas trips now and then, serve their cronies and immediate families, leaving the mass population out.

There are MPs, prior to their election got nothing, now own land, houses and businesses in Honiara and overseas.

In the constituencies there were no developments despite the millions of dollars said to have pumped to them each year. If this is not happening, then what's wrong?

We must have voted in wrong leaders and it's time that they be given their marching orders.

People are suffering whilst the MPs and their associates are enjoying the cake.

The MPs indeed are very greedy and should not be voted back. There has not been any achievements in the constituencies in the past therefore let us not re-elect the current MPs.

Receive and eat whatever they dish out this time but cast your ballot differently.

Enough of selfish MPs now.

John Aonima
White River