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Response to Japhill Dikahehe

03 September 2014

Dear Editor - In response to the letter by Mr Japhill Dikahehe Island Sun issues no 1767.

Well done, perfect brother you gut it when you correctly give me that word “Appreciation” from the way I write defensively with regards to respond on your previous article, Island Sun no - 1761, I do hope that its fair and just.

Well, as I’ve already stated out clearly as from my last article Island Sun issues no 1761 that for any doubts you might wants to know why don’t you contact your CDO and Hon MP S.Manetoli for further clarification, sounds simple my friend rather than playing heebies and jeebies.

Your comment does not implement developed the short and long term development you talked about. Those views outlined by you is not helped facilitated the constituency, those things you’ve talked about does not even a mattered to me, perhaps those questions are guide lines for you to answered and think about.

The 90% copper provided by the MP to communities you’ve said is not the fail project they’re on going part of the development plans in the constituency. And that 90% are his supporters and voters, not a problem fair and justice.

The propagandas and hefty excuses you’ve said, doesn’t give any intellectual pre assumptions base on your findings, every day, weeks, months people flooded in and out seeking assistance to the MP, so to me you are the heterogeneous of ganders and laired.

About boat and engine, you’ve talked about overhead cost to people, ‘no problem’ that is generating things into practice, for the means of transportation and other source that can acquired income or else one day that boats will takes you to other destination you wants to. “How hem soar”!.

As for 78 student SINU school fees they are victimized, yes correct but also MPs and their family victimized with the people. My friend if the fees of those student at SINU as $18000.00 each vows already more than $1.4 millions of dollars what about secondary’s the thousand people in Gao/Bugotu just for one year only, and where are those millions of dollars you talked about?. Where nao by iumi tekem selenia? common sense only my friend.

NZ funded aid project that is correct, but that only comes under the discretion of the MP before endorsed and approved by the Government of Solomon Island. Where’s that wharf project so be sent to other provinces, so make it proper my friend.

So therefore Hon S.Manetoali your constituency and the people will return your seat representing us once more as member of Gao/Bugotu next year 2015.


Peter Dikota
St Bartholomew Huali Village
Tatamba Postal Agency