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More Women in parliament

03 September 2014

Dear Editor - A lot has been said on the above interesting topic, workshops after workshops reports and written ideas, almost daily appeared in the media lately.

A lot of reasons were stated or blamed on the obstacles facing women, culture and tradition, money, domestic chores, etc. etc.etc to be in Parliament. I am no expert to know how true some of these are.

But also more interesting we bring in overseas advisors, who know nothing of our culture, to academically advise us on how to solve our, especially culturally-tied problems. The latest by Terence Wood as reported on Sstar No.9603 Friday 29 Septemberand who has written a book on our misery.

But to those concerned and especially good capable ladies who vie for the next election there is one vital element that is missing in all your issues and comments reported in the media. That is the most important full unfailing support of husbands/partners and families! Just have a glance at some women who are now holding high leadership positions on their merit but with full support of their husband? Culture I am led to believe do change over time and we now live in the 21stMillennium and indeed have quite highly educated and capable women.

To those good ladies who vie to stand in the next election you need to start the support ‘recruitment process’. First and foremost recruit the full support of your husband/partner, then recruit the full support of your families. These are your anchor supports! Then recruit the support of your community and tribe (important in our local situation), and finally recruit the support of your Constituents. This support‘recruitment process’ needs to be done carefully with respect and integrity, with the message ‘you women leaders can perform as effective as men leaders’. Definitely, not the confronting thus destructive message ‘women leaders can do better than men and are not corruptive’. This latter message, often adopted by some, will only recruit you debilitating oppositions weakening your chance long before you start.

We do not need to go overseas to see the truth of what I am pointing out. Our first lady politician Hon. Lily Ogatina was elected to Legislative Assembly with full husband and family support. So was the previous lady MP Hon. Hilda Kari who served more than one term. The current one Hon. V Lusibaea won because of the support of her husband Jimmy Lusibaea. Had Hon. V Lusibaea contested without support of her husband I am sure she would not be in at all. These ladies did not have a free ride to Parliament!

The message is clear as admitted by the late Baroness Margaret Thatcher ‘the Iron Lady’ as PM of United Kingdom for several years and who said, I quote, ‘my rock on all things I do or say is my husband Dennis’. How true from a greatest lady leader the world ever had.

Have pleasant campaigns ladies!

V. Kuma