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North Malaita Shipping Grant

03 September 2014

Dear Editor – I on behave of the silent majority  and grass root  people of north  Malaita wish to raise the  alarm on the above heading topic.

It was only few days remaining before the Parliament dissolves. In few months’ time a new MP, as well as a new government will come to power.

While we appreciate your contribution to the development of our Constituency, there are some unfinished work and promises we hope is still to be materialised by your office. 

Among all is the so called 2013 Shipping grant which amounted to $3 million; Chq # 309720 paid on the date 30/12/13 - Req#MID/HQ 445 2013; PV # 143/38. BENEFICIARY N/ Malaita Const) to your office and was co-signed by MP and the CDO.

Interestingly, according to the news circulated among the public in the past months the fund could be used to purchase a new ship for the constituency, honestly, that was a great idea.

However, up to now there is still no assurance from the MP and her CDO on the progress of the deal to purchase the new constituency ship.

We the grassroots people of north Malaita wish to make this urgent call to our MP to explain to us the current arrangement involved with the $3 million shipping grant.

As it is public money, how, when and why it was spent is our right to know, above all accountability should be a main concern when it comes to the use of such huge amount of money that even a  child could know it’s public money and should be utilised efficiently for the benefit of the people concern.

Finally, as the election period draws near and near, we hope that the deal and the amount of money will not be subject to political manipulation or political point scoring but must be used for its intended purpose.

Therefore, we make this call to the MP for North Malaita to quickly clear the air on the shipping deal before her term in office expires this month. 

Simon J.R Taloifuila
Ward 7
North Malaita Constituency