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NCRA is a failure

03 September 2014

Dear Editor – Finance minister Rick Hou's boastfulness about NCRA's achievement in the last 4 years must not be left uncorrected.

First, any assessment of achievement should be done by the people and not the government itself.

Minister Hou must have been living in another planet that is why he cannot assess the real situation in Solomon Islands in terms of his government performance in the recent years.

All ordinary Solomon Islanders would rate a government number one in terms of performances if:

1. There is a reduction in the high cost of living. In the last 4 years NCRA did nothing about this and ordinary people are really suffering to pay for survival. We now in a world where jungle rule applies – "the survival of the fittest". Opening new embassies all over the world is not an issue for the very small people of this country.

2. Creating job opportunities. NCRA had failed to create job opportunities in the last 4 years resulting in the increasing rate of criminal and illegal activities in the country. The many young people coming out from the school system each year need to be engaged in the service delivery and private sectors of this country.

Mr Hou failed as the government’s powerful money man.

3. Improving the standard of living. Still many communities do not have clinics, proper water and sanitation.

4. Compulsory education - many children still cannot attend schools due to school fee and other fees imposed by schools whilst Mr Hou and his colleagues support only their cronies and families with constituency school fee funds.

I can go on and provide real examples but the message here is that, NCRA did very little or nothing during their reign and they should be ashamed of themselves for self praising.

The truth is that the core issues affecting the lives of all ordinary citizens of this country was never looked at and addressed during NCRA's time.

John Aonima
White River