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Renbel MPA

16 April 2014

DEAR EDITOR – Could you please print this article in your paper before the boat leaves home on the Thursday the 17th of April?

And so allow me to voice out my concern on Renbel’s provincial member for ward (1) one, Hon William Kauga. This is terrible and absolutely wrong people for this Job.

I want to ask him to explain the provincial allocation of $30,000.00 for disastrous and flood victims in Honiara.

The Member of Parliament for Rennell and Bellona has done his part.

I don’t know how many things going during the distribution but I have proven that he has shared food in White River, Riffle Range and Matanikau settlement and the M.P.A  for East Rennell’s ward (1) one have his share as well.

But where is his contribution from the Provincial disaster allocation?

Shame on such leadership!

This M.P.A has been using this career for ages as employment opportunity.

Better go home and till the soil, hunt for kasusu and crayfish to earn living and stop abusing public funds.

Better withdraw from politics and give chance to another candidate that is willing to help in all circumstances.

F. Tangihenua
Riffle Range
West Honiara