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No telephone number for fraud department

16 April 2014

DEAR EDITOR – Can you imagine the Fraud Department at the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force have no telephone number or extension line?

This shows how bad our RSIPF has become.

I call the RSIP headquarters the other day asking to speak to a fraud officer or a CID officer.

The answer I got from the person who answered the phone was there is no extension line to the Fraud Department.

“In that case, can you provide me their direct line or a mobile number so that I can call them direct,” I replied.

“Oh sore nao bro, oketa no garem direct line too ia,” the officer answered.

“So how can I speak to your CID or fraud department?” I enquired.

“You must kam lukim oketa lo office naoi a,” she said.

To put it simply, this is just not acceptable for a national police force.

As a tax payer, I expect my police force to be connected to modern day telecommunications so that it is easier to reach them.

I call on the RSIPF executive to pull their socks up and attend to this situation.

In this day and age, the RSIPF should be well equipped with modern technologies. Or is the RSIPF too back-way and too poor to access those?

Please commissioner, attend to this problem.

George Tufane
King George