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Why runaway?

16 April 2014

DEAR EDITOR – Please allow me space in your paper.

It’s funny to see full congregation left the church and ran away during service when they heard some people (outsiders) shouted "tsunami".

Pastors and Priests fled for their lives.

All claimed "Christians" forget about immediate God they worship the moment they heard "tsunami".

What a jokes on you!  

It’s very clear nowadays people going to church just for decoration, if you mean what you're going for to church every Sunday then why escape?

If I were you people, I allowed myself to die in the church rather than on the street like debris.

Everyone screaming almost hurt themselves.

Why?..You forget about the only God the CREATOR and the PROTECTOR the one you go to worship on that Sunday?

A TESTING for you Congregations! Don't doubt your only GOD you worship.

Sharpen your focus on God and Pray.

John Stello Damola