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Vehicle collusion

15 April 2014

Dear Editor – I wish to respond to certain points you raised about the accident.

Firstly, thank you for raising the matter in the paper but there are certain points that were far from any truth. The driver at that time of the accident was me and there was no officer in the car with me.

I wish to thank you too for introducing the photo of the car with flat tyres because the flat tyres were the cause of the sliding collusion.

Depending on the outcome of the technical assessment of the damage, I know for sure the accident was caused by the flat tyres. It was very clear there were no damages occurred around the flat tyres which simply indicate that they were not as a result of the accident.

Sir, again to say that a junior officer wanted to take responsibility of the accident is to my knowledge false and there is no reason for it as a I assume there was a technical accident caused by the flat tyres.

Sir, if you have taken the responsibility of fair reporting you would have checked me on the above comments.

I make these comments for the purpose of fair reporting and nothing to defend the accidents which I am obliged to assist the police investigation in all due process.

Thank you

Walter Kola