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A need for bridge

15 April 2014

Dear Editor – Following the April 3rd flash flood, the old Mataniko bridge was cut off.

The disappearance of the bridge had forced many people to walk far distance and inorder to get into Point Cruz area or China Town.

However, at the moment two raft boats are ferrying people to cross the Mataniko river at a cost of $2.00.

While it’s a good service, it does cost money for some people. For people who can’t afford the $2.00, they have to walk to the main Mataniko bridge and cross to the other side.

Therefore its good that a bridge is being built soon so that people can use just cross the river to work, school and shopping.

With news that New Zealand is sending a bridge over just for people to cross over, I would like to applaud them for the support and seeing the need of the people in this struggling time.

Thank you indeed.

Jon Dzake Jnr