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Response to Johnson Teika

12 April 2014

DEAR EDITOR – I wish to refer to an unnecessarily lengthy bluff by Johnson Teika which appeared in the local papers, Sunday 6th April 2014.

The author is actually a frustrated nobody who tugs at the wrong end of the rope all by himself that even members of his own family whose support he claims are in fact not pulling with him because according to them, they do not agree with the way he brags about his self-promoted status in the family he was born into in wedlock.  

I will let those also mentioned by Johnson to respond to him in their own way.  I will dwell only on his mention of my name including the true customary landowners of Tepotuhagee tribe, West Rennell and the honourable and professional execution of duty by the Lawyer/Magistrate who sat in as clerk to the Customary Land Appeal Court of the Central Province which have judicial jurisdiction to hear customary land disputes.

Johnson, if you have any sense and respect at all, you need to apologize to the Clerk and members of the CLAC, Central Province.  

If not, you’ll need to be detained in Police custody until you apologize for having an uncontrolled flip-top.

For the time being, I have only a few things to say in response to the initiator of this unnecessary argument which should not appear in the public media:

2.    The family into which Johnson became fostered in body and soul already lost five customary land dispute court cases taken against them, including Johnson of course, by the following people:

(i)    Chief Silvanus Kaipua;
(ii)    Rose Tekiusa’u;
(iii)    Max Tago;
(iv)    Eddie Temahana
(v)     Chief Leonard Kaitu’umatu’a.
(vi)     Likewise the appeal I submitted to the CLAC (C) against Amos Company for which Johnson was a spokesperson.  

This appeal received overwhelming support from all the true and current Tepotuhagee customary landowners.

This was heard on Thursday 27th March 2014 and the judgment that was announced on Friday 28th March 2014 was in favor of me and the true landowners of Teotuhagee customary land.  

At this hearing however, Johnson spoke for himself when he talked about land disputes he never won and not for Amos Company whose application for timber rights over Tepotuhagee land was objected by the indigenous landowners.  

The owner of Amos Company is not of the Tepotuhagee tribe, the same as Johnson.

(vii)    Preparation of eviction orders to permanently remove Johnson and members of his entire family from Tepotuhagee land in West Rennell is now underway.  

This is because his defeat in all the land dispute cases taken against him is proven of the obvious fact that he is not a landowner but a round-headed squatter.

(viii)    Johnson who is a frustrated failure said that the West Rennell Council of Chiefs (WRCC) does not have the power to decide over customary land disputes and for goodness sake, give me a break.

The councils of chiefs were established by an Act of Parliament and one of their pivotal responsibilities is to settle land disputes.  

And Johnson, take this from me, you’re reining Chief!!  The West Rennell Council of Chiefs is the most powerful court where you are residing illegally.  If you do not recognize its rulings then you will do yourself a favor by removing yourself completely out of Rennell Island, where even the rats and the pingongos will protest if you try to dig into their ground cabins.

(ix)    The expulsion of Johnson as principal of New Place Secondary School in West Rennell is one good example of his unethical view of common sense and traditional norms.

He must not be allowed to argue on human right grounds because the term is not to be used as an escape route from the penalties imposed by the law, nor to defy, in this particular instance, the rulings of the West Rennell Council of Chiefs.

Now Johnson, I am winding up here with this stern warning, that you must discontinue your baseless arguments and false claims over what you already know don’t belong to you.  

If you continue, you will only make yourself become more isolated and many of the historical facts I have restrained myself from telling the world here will then be unveiled and the astounding shame you will be forced to live with until eternity comes, will let you have an early experience of the predicted “Dooms’ Day”.

As a law abiding person, I will seek legal counsel as to whether it will be possible to waive the application of “Defamation of Character”.  If not, I’ll take it Johnson’s style.

Chief Leonard Kaitu’umatu’a