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In the name of disaster

12 April 2014

DEAR EDITOR – The recent tragic disaster hit some parts of our country has led our leaders to drain public money to their own pockets and for their own good.

I was not in Honiara or Guadalcanal but imagine how those people will need immediate assistance when their needs are all different and cannot be addressed and solved right away.

It will take time to make things into a better position to keep going and livable on:

  1. Natural Resources-people need to live properly ,house, gardening etc
  2. Human Resources- People need skills and abilities, educations, employments etc
  3. Cultural /Social Resources-People need to enjoy and have freedom to move around
  4. Financial Resource- money, cash crops, markets etc

In times like this, the only place people can think of is getting immediate help and support from our Government.

The trust of many has loss after hearing the MPS got $300,000 each for the disaster fund which is senseless.

There are responsible authorities that the money could be channel to and will rightfully reach the victims.

We have NDMO and other responsible NGO’s that deal with disasters and humanitarian and what a waste to give the money to the MPS.

This speaks a broad light of robbing the CDF money in the name of disaster.

One can say that only Guadalcanal and Honiara are the most affected areas why other Provinces have received?

If the areas are not affected what will the MPS do with the money?

I believe this is not right to get such money in the name of disaster causing it to be unfair for others.

We are diverse in culture, language, color, islands, but a NATION that we belong too and connecting us together enable us to share during this time.

May God Bless this Nation!

Veronica Makiva
Gizo Town
Western Province