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Victims need special attention

12 April 2014

DEAR EDITOR – There were many going through the trauma of the recent flash flood and still unsure of their next destination, while some people were already eying the huge amount of money coming into the country in the name of Disaster and maybe planning their own way of spending it.

I believed that the appropriate government institution to handle all the money is the NDMO under the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management & Meteorology.

Why the Government allocated $15 million to the Members of Parliament to support disaster?

Are we extending the roles and responsibilities of our Politicians to be “good Shepherds” during disasters?

It’s good that our hard working politicians focus on their legislative roles and responsibilities rather than taking over the roles and responsibilities of National Disaster Management Office.

Well, it is crystal clear that the politicians are getting hold of money which they are not entitled to.

I doubted that all of this money will be used for Disaster Relief but merely for political gains.

I wonder if they will be accountable and answerable for any misuse which may eventuate.

While I appreciate efforts rendered by NGOs and overseas agencies in assisting the Flash Flood Victims, I also pray and hope that those who suffered the worst during this disaster, may be able to recover emotionally, physically and socially through the different forms of assistance given.

We should not use the natural disaster as an opportunity to increase social injustices to further widen the gap between the rich and the poor.

Let us not use the situation to increase our wealth but to assist genuinely at all cost. “To give and not to count the cost, to labour and not to ask for any reward,” (taken from an Anglican Prayer).

Therefore, it is vital to assist the flood victims so that they can recover and get on with normal life.

The responsible authorities should focus more on the traumatize victims whom need care and support, especially those who lost their family members and love ones.

Material assistance would not help them to recover.

Special attention and counselling should be rendered to them as soon as possible.

We should not generalize our assistance and neglect the most affected because they cannot easily overcome this trauma.

Therefore, there is a need to categorize the victims and this depends on a thorough assessment of the communities who suffered during the Flash Flood.

For example, an affected children's education can only be addressed if the assessments are properly done by responsible authorities.

To ensure that everyone affected recover from the trauma of the Flash Flood, the Politicians, NGOs, Responsible Government Ministries and institutions, community leaders and citizens of the affected areas must uphold honesty, generosity, trustworthiness, respect and obedience.

Last but not the least, we should also develop the essential mechanisms in place to handle any disasters which may occur in the near future.  

God bless Solomon Islands and Honiara.      

George Asitewa
Pre-Employment Training