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National healing

19 July 2016

Media writers have side tracked the focus of my intention towards National Healing, even so I still maintain my belief that these TRUTHS which my questions seek to know are permanent elements for true and lasting reconciliations.

Reconciliation is Forgiveness and those who masterminded the crises need national forgiveness. Remember, the Theme is National Healing, it includes every individual in the country so it cannot be done half cooked.

As for the evidences on my three questions. For question 1 there may be no substantial physical evidences. However, there was a recorded message which was repeatedly said in the SIBC radio which a former MP and Minister answered a question which said. “ I do not know where these guns come from.” Yes, there were illegal guns in the country which were not located in the Police Firearms registry. Who brought them in?

On my second question, my focus is this, if it had not been for that action which led to the downfall of the legitimate government, things would not have escalated to this greater degree of destructions.

My question seeks to know why it happen and who did it because this could be an act of treason. And treason is a crime that undermines the offender’s government. They offended our sovereign government. These people also need national forgiveness and I believe many people throughout the country share my view.

My second view is Solomon Islands National Constitution adopted the West Minister Parliamentary Democratic system and to have a legitimate Prime Minister unseated this way is an immoral unconstitutional act. I view it as vitally important for those responsible to own up and receive national forgiveness.

On my third question, again I am referring to the democratic process upon which our Constitution was adopted and is the most practiced privilege throughout the Commonwealth and Solomon being a member of the Commonwealth the Parliament then would have done it without exceptions.

And so the answers to my questions 2 and 3 are important because they touch the fabric nerves of our National Constitution. How can we the owners of our own sovereign law the Constitution ignore our rebellious actions against our own sovereign Law?

The National Healing process must know the TRUTH that undermines this sovereignty through disloyalty by virtue of subversive behavior. They need to be forgiven but I we do not know who they are.

We invited the Late Arch-Bishop Desmond Tutu to give us an overview on a way forward. I listened carefully to his talk. He did say “it will never be an easy journey and it must come from the heart not the head “ to achieve national healing.

He also said it was a blessed moment  to see the blessings God gives to this country when he and his wife landed at the airport and he was referring to the GREEN vegetation which covers the whole country something which he does not have and see in his country.

 In illustrating this, he said, new green shoots will come when the TRUTHS are revealed, Forgiveness are given as free gifts and Reconciliation are done honestly and unfavorably.

The establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission is a product borne of his message at Lawson Tama. My call is simply a recap on the Arch-Bishop’s advice to the government and those of us who were present at that time for Solomon Islands to embrace a Truthful Reconciliation.

In conclusion and this is my personal view. National Healing must begin with the government. I feel that it would be a noble deed for the government to begin by Reconciling with the family members and relatives and constituency people of the Late Hon. Prime Minister Bartholomew Ulufaalu on behalf of all of us.

Those who have engaged and involved must admit and say sorry. This should be the best starting point because that is the foundation of the whole National Healing structure – the destruction of our sovereign democratically elected Prime Minister and his government.

Sadly so, the Hon. Prime Minister and his Deputy and others do not see things as far as the way I see and reason things.

A preacher once said “ No pain no gain” An example of the painful crucifixion of our Lord on the cross allows us obtain redemption and gain forgiveness and in that process we reconcile ourselves to our holy God.

So if we say we are Christians, this is the Christian principle we ought to practice for our National Healing crusade no matter how difficult and painful it may be.

This is TRUTH and RECONCILIATION for NATIONAL HEALING in my simple common sense. And this is what a reconciliation CHUPU means in my local language. Can anyone tell me why this cannot be done? What National Healing can be achieved from the courts? Going to court is a selfish arrogant undemocratic leadership tyranny.

Former MP