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Sokamora treasure inclusion

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The Sokamora FC president Sam Rahii acknowledged the Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) for giving them the green light to participate in the Our Telekom S-league.

Speaking on behalf of the club to Star Sports Rahii stated that the positive response from SIFF was great news for the club.

The team was included after Makuru or JP Su’uria withdraw from the top national league.

“On behalf of the club, Makira people and provincial government I would like to thank SIFF for giving this great opportunity for us to take part in this historical sports event,” he said.

“The given opportunity has fulfilled our dreams for the club and province.”

“One of the aims for participating was mainly to encourage more youth to get involved in sports activities, thus giving them the opportunity to further get exposed.”

He calls on all Makira people living in Honiara to come and support the team.

“If any interested individual or business house offers to help the club please come forward.”

Rahii said soccer in nation has opportunities to bring people together, something that that religion or government of this nation cannot do.

“There are limitations in religion and the government, this limitations and barriers cannot unite us.”

He took Makira province for example saying, “People from Ulawa and Ugi might see themselves different from Makira, for example, different in culture.”

“But when it comes down to soccer everyone becomes one and I know it happens to other provinces as well.”

“All these barriers exist but when it comes to soccer those things don’t exist.”

He acknowledged the people of Makira who have supported the team until now.

He commented that even though his boys have not had much status in Solomon football; they are more excited that they were given the chance to do so especially through the NSL as a semi professional tournament.

“Most of my boys do not have a name in Honiara football but upon given the chance to do so they hope they will by the end of the season.”

He also acknowledged coach Tommy Mana for deciding to remain in the country to help lead the team through the S-league season.

He concluded that the strength of the team is ‘attitude’.

“The attitude to never give up, go forward to achieve what you aim for with patience as your guide.”

Sokamora played Malaita Kingz in the opening match on Saturday.