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Think carefully before you vote

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WE now all know who will contest the August 4 national elections.

That was after the Electoral Commission finalised the list over the weekend.

A total of 509 candidates will contest the 50 constituencies. This is 56 more candidates than the 453 who contested the 2006 elections.

Central Honiara stood out as the highly contested seat with 23 candidates, while Central Guadalcanal recorded the lowest with just two.

The final list provides interesting reading.

All, except three of the former MPs (Laurie Chan – west Guadalcanal, David Sitai – East Makira, and Rev Leslie Boseto – South Choiseul), are on the race again to reclaim their seats.

Former east Honiara MP Silas Milikada, interestingly, is not defending the seat. He has instead return to his native Marovo Constituency in Western Province to contest.

That said, voters have two weeks to go through the list and thoroughly assess the quality of candidates contesting the election.

National elections, as we’ve said it time and again, are an important democratic process for the country.

It is through elections that we choose leaders to lead the country.

In other words, election is about leadership and the future of this country. If we want a good future for our children, we have to elect good leaders.

This is why we have to decide carefully when choosing our leaders. We choose a candidate not because he or she gives us money or promises to pay our children’s school fees.

Rather, we choose a leader because we have the trust and confidence in that person to represent our affairs and interest in the highest decision making body of the land.

So take some time to assess the quality and strength of each of the candidates. Don’t allow someone else to choose for you.

We all have the God-given wisdom and the democratic right to choose the candidate we think will best represent us in parliament.

So think carefully and independently before we all go to the polls on August 4.

The choice we make in this upcoming election will determine the kind of future we want for this country.

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